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Dr. Mitra Doherty


 The British Institute of Homeopathy International

...recognizes Dr. Doherty for having successfully completed 200 hours of study in the General Homeopahty Diploma Course and has met the required standards in the final examination to qualify for the award of the Diploma of The Institute of Homeopathy.


Thank you so much again for all the work you did on my teeth and for finishing the mercury extraction and replacement last week. My teeth feel wonderful. Thank you for ensuring that they would. I feel well too. Thank you for all your care and counsel.

I've been reading even more about how much dentists are exposed to danger while removing mercury. I sincerely pray that you and your assistants will not have negative effects because of your service to me and others. I know you take precautions and do all you can to provide protection. Can you tell me what you have used as a replacement in my fillings? I would like to know just for my personal information. I already am certain that you used a healthy alternative.

You are more than worth driving to Toronto for. I've looked online to see if you had posted any address changes but didn't see anything yet. I assume that won't happen until you make it official. Can you let me know when you do or should I just check next year before booking an appointment?

While online, I read the testimonials on your site. It appears many of your patients feel the same gratitude for you. It seems like an unusual feeling to have such a genuine love for a dentist but that is how they and I truly feel about you. Even though I am very grateful my dental work is now finished for a while, I will miss you. Sounds so strange but it is real. Hope you can somehow sense how often countless patients think of you many times every day, whenever we notice our teeth and send you quiet thank you's through mental telepathy. I think of you when I am looking at flowers, taking pictures, and caring for the environment too. Also, your kind nature is an inspiration to me. So even though I may not see you for a while, I will think of you often.

Wishing you all the best, always,

With much love and sincere gratitude,



I am very pleased with the excellent dental work that you have completed on my teeth over the last few months. I was told by EVERY dentist I have been to in the past, that my big amalgam (mercury) fillings could not be replaced by white fillings. The only other alternative would be crowns. Now I am feeling like a new born baby without the mercury and my teeth finally look beautiful again...what a difference you have made! The best part of it is that I am actually able to relax in the chair while you complete the work. In the past, I have always been very nervous prior to a dentist visit and more often than not, the experience ended up not being a pleasant one. As a matter of fact, no one believes me when I tell them how much I look forward to a dentist appointment...absolutely unheard of! Let's not forget the always friendly and accommodating staff in your office. Needless to say, I will recommend your dentistry to all my friends and colleagues. I am already looking forward to my next appointment.



Things have been absolutely great with my teeth and I am very happy that I have no more mercury fillings. I would like to thank you once again for the excellent dental work and health advice you gave me, I am very happy.



We would like to say thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful experience that we had at our first visit to your Dental Office yesterday. We not only received expert advice and service, but we found your Office to be friendly, helpful, generous and with lots of "Smiles".

We look forward to coming back in the near future and will also recommend you to others.

Linda and Len Acres


I would like to thank you for the special treatment that I felt every time when I was sitting in your chair. In Hungary, we say, that beauty begins first with nice teeth…I can not find the right words to describe how thankful I am to you. You and your staff helped me all the time to make my smile nicer. I am leaving tomorrow from Toronto. I loved this country and I hope one time I will be able to come back to Canada and to Waterloo. I really like your job, what you did. Every day I check my teeth and I am so happy to see the whiteness everywhere. In Canada, I really like when people say, good job! Yeah, it was…please say hello to all your staff. I wish all the best for your future.

I like rather see you later instead of good bye.

Péter Écsy